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Enjoy quiet, rustic lodging in Glacier National Park.

West Glacier Motel View of Glacier National Park

View from the West Glacier "Bluff"

Glacier National Park has so many amazing sights to see and trails to hike that you can easily go from exhilarated to exhausted by the end of the day. Fortunately, two lodging options are available; the West Glacier Motel & Cabins in West Glacier Village and the Apgar Village Lodge (Motel & Cabins) in Apgar Village, Glacier National Park.

West Glacier Motel & Cabins

The West Glacier Motel & Cabins has 2 locations with 27 motel rooms and 5 cabins to serve your lodging needs. Motel units are located in West Glacier Village, at the entrance to Glacier National Park. Cabins and motel units are also located in the woods on the "Bluff" 1/4 mile from the Village.

West Glacier Cabin

Join us for a quiet, comfortable night's sleep at the West Glacier Motel & Cabins, at the Park's west entrance.

Apgar Village Lodge

Apgar Village Lodge is located inside Glacier National Park near the south end of Lake McDonald and along the shores of McDonald Creek. The Lodge offers 20 motel rooms and 28 cabins for Glacier National Park visitors.

Apgar Village Cabins

Apgar Village offers a Park Visitor Center, cafe, store, and gift shops and pay phones

West Glacier Motel & Cabins: 406.888.5662 | Apgar Village Lodge (Motel & Cabins): 406.888.5484